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by The Mansion | comments

I think everyone can agree that the most comfortable outfit is a sweat suit. Especially in the wintertime, who doesn't want to cuddle up in their sweats next to the fire? However, many girls do not like to be seen in public in such attire. If guys can do it, why cant we? This is not to bash anyone's taste, but some girls are just more materialistic than others. Some girls literally feel uncomfortable in something that isn’t showing them off in some way, but haven’t you ever heard the saying, "less is more?" Now there is a time and place for everything. It would be inappropriate to go out to dinner or out to a nice bar in sweatpants, but going to school, the doctors, or the supermarket in sweats is perfectly fine.

There is also a difference between looking comfortable and looking like a slob. If you are a put together person with a great attitude rock the sh*t out of those sweatpants, and I bet not one person will notice you are dressed down. GIRLS, stop trying so hard, you don't need to leave the house with full throttle makeup and heels. Be yourself, be comfortable, and dress up when necessary. Like Drake once said, "sweatpants hair tied chillin with no makeup on that’s when you’re the prettiest I hope that you don’t take it wrong."

PS – if your going to rock them sweats, yoga pants are a homerun EVERY time.

Megan A, West Chester University


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