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Its a Thrift Store party!

by The Mansion | comments

But Shit it was 99 Cents!

After the release of his new album, Mackelmore has blown up. One of the most well known songs from the album is “Thrift Shop” where he raps about digging through thrift stores to find original, “gently used” clothing that may or may not smell like R-Kelly’s sheets. But if you don’t have enough time before heading out to a party to raid the nearest Goodwill, here’s a list taken directly from the lyrics of this brilliant rap:

-Wear all pink so you look like a bottle of Pepto Bismol, except your shoes: those should be green
-Wear a leopard mink coat. It doesn’t matter how hot it is, you look like one cold ass honkey.
-Grab your grandpa’s hand-me-downs. He’s got more style than anyone.
-Velour jumpsuit and house slippers. Just channel your inner Long Island guido, and you’re set.
-To compliment your brown leather jacket, grab yourself a broken keyboard, a skeet blanket, and a kneeboard. First person to rock that deserves a fucking prize.
-Grab a jacket with a shit ton of fringe and some Pro Wings. Those Velcros get all the biddies.
-Make sure you have a wolf hat and a fox skin. This outfit makes you look like a hick, which is kinda sorta maybe cool.
-Plaid button up shirts and flannel zebra pajamas are a MUST.
-Footie pajamas. Straaaight up.

So if you’re still confused as to what is appropriate for your next thrift shop-themed party, then just reread this list and come up with your own ideas. Kimonos, bear suits, oversized sweaters, rabbit hats, batman pajamas, or anything else that your heart desires will work. And ladies, if you’re uncomfortable going as crazy as Mackelmore does, just throw on a bandeau, a crop top, a weird skirt and some crazy shoes and you can rock the thrift shop style.

Happy thrifting!

Margaret S, Villanova University


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