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Finals Swag – Who are you kidding?

by The Mansion | comments

It’s finals time again and that means a lot of Library time for most college kids. If you are anything like me, you know that about 90% of the time out into going to the Library and studying is spent not studying. Here is a list of the five stages of studying.

1. Convincing Yourself To Go:
Everyone has been in this situation. Nobody looks at their calendar, sees that they need to study and simply goes to the library. The first thing that needs to happen is you need to mentally prepare yourself to study. This process can take anywhere from 5 minutes to over an hour, depending on how studious you are.

2. Going to the Library:
One does not simply go to the Library. After almost 3 years of watching people go to the Library I have noticed that nobody goes alone. Most people find a friend to come to the Library with them. I can’t tell you if this is because people truly want a friend with them at the Library, or if people truly just need a friend to drive with, but either way almost everyone goes to the library in groups.

3. Talking to Friends:
Now that we are finally at the Library it takes at least ten minutes to sit down and be ready to study. The biggest issue now is that you definitely know multiple people at the Library. Whether it is a five-minute conversation or a two second hello, you have some sort of embrace with all of these people and it always delays the study process.

4. Facebook:
Any college kid can tell you that it is nearly impossible to turn on a computer and not immediately check Facebook. This Facebook time can be short or long depending on your level of addiction. Check out a couple sexy pics or some inappropriate pics from the party last night.

5. Studying:
So now we have convinced ourselves to go to the Library, gotten some friends to come with me, spoken to any friends at the Library, and gone on Facebook. This whole process leading up to this point has more than likely been at least an hour. It is finally time to get some studying done. Now you open your books and study for as long as you need. This studying is no doubtfully interrupted every once in a while for Facebook, texts, checking your Instagram pics and most likely a quick game of toss the crumpled paper in a trash can game. After all is said and done you have more than likely spent almost half the amount of time studying as you have bullshitting.

Good luck with finals and rage your face off when ur done!

Jordan S, Indiana University