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Don't be a FAT ASS SENIOR!

by The Mansion | comments

Rules to follow to keep that booty

Don’t Complain
The only thing that has made you gain more weight is yourself. So girls, please don’t blame it on your periods or other people, it happens, we all gain weight.

Don’t Drunk Eat
Drunk eating is one of my specialties so let me remind it is a hard habit to beat. Instead of drunk eating those delicious wings, save some money for the bar and eat your leftovers from dinner or my specialties eggs.

Don’t Dress like a Whore (Or do some people like it ;))
It’s hard to dress when you have gained a little weight. The pizza and the wings have either gone straight to the ass or belly but it isn’t hot when you still think you are hot. We have all been in that situation when at times we have realized the pounds have gone to certain places and dressed accordingly but when we still think we look hot, just know babe you don’t and your belly is out for the whole world to see.

So next time when you look in the mirror, we need to embrace our inner beauty but please, don’t complain when you have gained the extra.

Samantha H, Penn State University


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