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The NFL needs to say Goodbye to Goodell

by College Mansion | comments

In the recent years, Roger Goodell, who’s the commissioner of the National Football League, has been making decisions that a majority of the fans are unhappy with. This could explain why they cheer on the guy who announces the NFL draft after the first round since Goodell doesn’t do it.

Throughout the years the NFL has been working on making the game more safe and more enjoyable for the fans; however, since the NFL moved up the yard line from where kickers kick-off from, it’s rare to see returns. One of the most exciting plays in NFL is watching someone return a kick-off for 90-100 yards and it was common to see it especially if Devin Hester was returning it. It’s still possible to return a kick-off from the new spot; however, it’s much more difficult.

Following this further, Goodell has also flirted with completely eliminating the kick-off in general and have teams start off from a particular yard line instead. That could be the worst thing possible to happen to the NFL because it’s taking away the fun and excitement in the game especially for the special teams players.

Furthermore, Goodell also wants to extend and increase the amount of teams that make the playoffs. Every season all 32 teams fight for a playoff spot until the final week; however, if more teams make it, teams will pull back and not play their franchise players because they don’t want to risk injury. Fans want to see the best of the best playing the game but when they’re not on the field, it takes away the excitement they bring especially during rivalry/division games. The best part about the NFL is the urgency when a team loses a game because they now they need to come out the following week and get a win. Goodell makes decisions for money and not for pleasure so lets hope he quickly realizes what he’s doing and look at it from the fans point of view.

Danny A. La Salle University