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Melo and the Knicks Stay HOT

by College Mansion | comments

After an unbelievable finish in Brooklyn Tuesday Night, Melo closing down the stretch and J-Kidd (40-Years Young) knocking down the clutch 3 pointer with 24 seconds left, leading the Knicks to a huge win against their cross-river rivals, Thursday Night was a big night in the Big Apple. Ex-Head Coach Mike D’Antoni rolled into town with Kobe, D-12 and the struggling Lakers. Right from the start the Lakers were in trouble when Melo knocked down his first three FG’s from beyond the arc and put up 22 points in the first quarter while D’Antoni was greeted with aggressive full-throttle boos and “D’An-To-Ni” chants throughout the game.

The Knicks were up 19 at half and it took a hard foul by D-12 early in the third quarter to knock out Melo, but the Knicks didn’t back down without their superstar and were able to hold off the 16-time NBA Champs to take a commanding lead in the Atlantic Division. The Knicks are now four and a half games up on Boston and Brooklyn, and two games up on the Heat and showing that they’re going to be contenders. The Knicks are now 17-5 this season, 35-11 in the regular season (20-1 at home) since Woodson has come to New York. So I ask, with Melo is adding to his case, what do you guys think? Does he have a shot at MVP?

-JI, Providence College