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Campus Student Injections are becoming an Epidemic

by College Mansion | comments

Let's be honest, who doesn't enjoy crushing a bunch of Jello shots. But, to be honest, it's nowhere near as fun as shooting them down someone's throat with a syringe! It is no surprise to us that people across the country are hopping on the new craze of Jello shot syringes by SharpShots.

We had the luxury of throwing a few ragers with SharpShots and things, well, got way out of hand. First off, they are just fun, period. Two, you lose count...and quickly! Just be prepared for everyone to be posing for insane pictures and running around the party injecting's like a damn outbreak at a party. Oh and chicks, LOVE them. It's actually, insanity.

"SharpShots Brand is the World’s #1 Selling Jello Shot Syringes and a party favor everyone will want at any party or special occasion. SharpShots are fun and a clever way to take a Jello Shot. SharpShots "Liven up the Party" at any nightclub, bar, home party, pool party, birthday party, boating party, tailgating party, etc.

SharpShots Represents a unique Jello Shot experience and make an unforgettable impression wherever served. SharpShots provide fun recipes of jello and alcohol.
They are easy to fill, and even easier to use. SharpShots are SEXY & HOT, the best way to take a Jello Shot... And, they make for really great pictures!" - Erik Sharp, Founder of SharpShots

SharpShots has new back-lit LED /Laser light Jell-O shot syringe that is making it's way to and taking over parties at major bars, clubs and campuses everywhere!

Check them out online at

Oh and be sure to order them online for your next big event and post the wildness on Facebook, Twitter and IG. We look forward to the insanity!

You're welcome.


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