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Are the LA Angels the New York Yankees of the West?

by College Mansion | comments

That’s right I said it. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are becoming the New York Yankees of the West in the MLB. All-Star free agent outfielder Josh Hamilton agreed to terms that will send him to LA to play for the Dodgers. HA they wish, he’s going to the Angels. Last season the Angeles acquired Albert Pujols, which will cost them $240 million over the next decade and now. Now they landed a deal with Josh Hamilton for 5 years, which will cost them $125 million.

With these two acquisitions, the Angels added much needed power to their batting line-up. Both men can easily hit the long ball as well as hit teammates home. In their respected positions, both men rank very high when discussing the best of the best. Lets not jump the gun and assume their the best team with their new talent because the LA Lakers thought the same thing when they acquired Steve Nash and Dwight Howard in the off season and look how that’s currently working out for them. It’s safe to say that Christmas came early for LA Angels fans when they found out Josh Hamilton agreed to come for their organization. Now they really do have an “Angel in the Outfield.”

Danny A. LaSalle University


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