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What everyone should know about having the greatest SantaCon of all times

by The Mansion | comments

Tips to have the best holiday pub crawl

SantaCon is an annual mass gathering of people dressed like Santa Claus parading publicly In the street, the bars and in the city. The focus of this pub-crawl is to have a great time and spreading cheer! Its similar to a flash mob, but instead of people going to some random spot and dancing on cue, this cheerful mob insists on being wasted, caroling through the streets and giving small gifts, probably a drink or 2, to strangers they meet along the way.

There are a few easy steps to follow that will guarantee the best time.

Step 1: Find the nearest SantaCon near you. There are so many locations that there will be a location within 20 minutes from where you are. Make sure you find a location and a date that works for you and your friends.

Step 2: Let your friends know! Dressing up like Santa and getting drunk alone may seem like a good time, but let’s be real. Get as many as your friend together as possible. The more people, the more Santa’s. Also if you have enough people you could come up with a fun costumes idea as a group.

Step 3: Get decked out. It’s like Halloween, but BETTER! You don’t have to worry about someone having the same costume as you, because everyone will be dressed as Santa! If you want to be original and stand out there are a few options you can look into. You can go with jolly old St. Nick, sexy Santa, the Grinch, mean girls Santa, Rudolph, the other 8 reindeer, a Christmas tree, presents… those are just a few. There are so many quick and easy options for you to get decked out for under $20. Let’s be honest, you need to save as much money as possible to spend while on the pub-crawl.

Step 4: PREGAME THE CRAWL. Just so were clear. This does NOT mean drink half a bottle of tequila and head out. Have a few “Holiday Drinks” to get in the spirit. I suggest Egg Nog, Apple Cider, Hot Chocolate… add alcohol for fun.

Step 5: Spread Holiday Cheer! Sing Carols while crawling. Even if you don’t know the words. Buy a stranger a drink. Kiss someone under the mistletoe. And most importantly, drink. That’s the point of the pub-crawl anyway!


Cat K, Fairleigh Dickinson University


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