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Mountain Weekend is like Lou Ferrigno on Acid

by The Mansion | comments

Fraternity mountain weekends are all about getting shit faced in flannels and hooking up with your date. But what are you suppose to do when there are more couples in a house than there are bedrooms? Pitch a tent in the basement obviously. Won’t people hear you? Whatever, at least they can't see. Plus, there are showers and a hot tub to switch things up.

In preparation for a weekend you probably won’t remember, girls spend hours sanding, priming, painting and sealing coolers covered with their date’s favorite things. Too bad your masterpiece is going to be chipped by Sunday. But don’t worry, your date cares more about what alcohol you put inside anyway. And at least you have you have pictures to remember what it looked it! Speaking of pictures, if you’re a guy participating in No Shave November, you’re going to look like a pedophile. And if you’re a girl not wearing a vest, leggings and boots, you’re going to look out of place.

Besides getting Iced, playing drinking games, and taking “naps”, there are plenty of other things to do! Like eating breakfast at one of the many pancake houses in town, cutting down your own Christmas tree, or make friends with sketchy townies selling you “real moonshine”. But lets be real, the Urban Dictionary definition is spot on: A weekend spent in the mountains involving lots of beer, Greeks, and sexual assault. As long as you get drunk and get it in, I’d consider it a good time.

Christy R, University of Delaware


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