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Alcohol, Alzheimers Cure? Cheers everyone!

by editor | comments

And suddenly it all comes together for me. According to this study by drinking anywhere from 8 – 14 drinks a week can help prevent people from suffering from the terrible disease known as Alzheimers. I’ve personally experienced family with Alzheimers and let me tell you, it ain’t pretty. I can’t imagine living without any idea what’s going on and who anybody is. Telling me that when I’m 75 years old and retired that I can kick back and get a little drunk because it’s healthy for me well that my friends I consider a wonderful thing. I’ve never known drinking in moderation as a bad thing and I’ve never understood why people think it is. I just went to Italy where all the people do is “drink in moderation” and they’re happy as hell, not to mention pretty old. Just look at Jimmy Buffett, the man’s 65 years old and all he does is drink and sing about drinking and he’s enjoying the hell out of life. If that’s not a role model for my 65 year old self then I don’t know who is. With that, cheers everyone!