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Mike Stud has beef with Huey Mack?

by College Mansion | comments

Now, you all know of the ongoing bromance between Huey and Stud. But, what you didn't know is that the two also like to arouse the entire crowd of thousands to chant "Fuck Huey Mack" or "Fuck Mike Stud" when each are performing in other parts of the world, film it and put it on blast! For the record, Huey Mack is not only incredibly dope, he is part of the College Mansion family as is Stud and the team.

The College Mansion crew recently met up on the road with the one and only Mike Stud to gain some much needed perspective on what it's like to roll with him and his crew of "road scholars", including the infamous DJ Fader, Jon Kilmer, New Merch Guy and of course, the most sober and lame one of the bunch, Blue.

The night started out with some backstage antics filled with Coronas and dropping the latest "Touring's Boring" video to the world...oh and of course Blue harboring two bottles of Ciroc and pocketing as many beers as possible to feed the front 7 rows of college girls with #BREWFACIALS, where he douches girls in the face with the cheapest beer possible. The patented move has classy written all over it, Joe Francis and Kirill Was Here would be ever so proud.

However, before we took to the stage we pinned Mike down to get an exclusive interview, as we call it "The HOTT seat with College Mansion", where we do a little rapid fire word association so you can get to know him and the crew a bit more intimately.

College Mansion: You ready homie? Mike Stud: "Hell yeah, let's do this"

Sex - "Groupies"

Rap gameĀ - "Dope"

Touring - "Boring"

College Mansion - "Sex again"

Fader - "Homie"

Drunk - "Blue"

Drunk - "Kilmer"

Sunglasses - "Dicks Cottons all day"

Afterparties - "Mayhem"

Sports team - "Red Sox"

Beers - "Corona"

Inspiration - "My father"

Artist - "Drake"

Airport - "Hungover"

Favorite campus - "Santa Barbara"

What song do you sing in shower? - "Call me maybe"

Last words - "I love you" - Mike Stud

Now, in case you don't know already, touring with Mike Stud is a classy operation, check it out!

Mike Stud and the crew also came down for College Mansion's Paradise Weekend IV! Let us preface this by letting you know that Mike Stud and his team came to Atlantic City, NJ to party with 52 of the Nations Hottest College Mansion Girls and Rob Gronkowski for an entire weekend of debauchery and to perform at College Mansion's party. Pretty boring - check it out! (Video Credit to our homies: Dark Fall Productions)







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