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Top 10 Reasons Every Guy Loves a Party Girl

by The Mansion | comments

You know she wants the D...

Everyone knows that there are many sluts that reside around college campuses worldwide. The world would not be spinning correctly on its axis if every girl were concerned about how they were portrayed. So in honor of all you party girls out there, these are ten reasons why we appreciate your services:

10. They most likely won’t hit you back up again.
You can have a carefree night of doing some real weird shit and don’t have to worry about texting them the next morning or hanging out with them again the following weekend.

9. Most of them are extremely hot or they wouldn’t be considered a slut.
There are always those ugly girls who get around but usually the true sl*ts are the sexy ones that dudes actually want to bang.

8. They are probably really good at what they do.
This isn’t a sexual encounter where the girl has no idea what she’s doing like a virgin. She has had plenty of practice and you know what they say; Practice Makes Perfect!

7. Sluts undress themselves during foreplay.
There’s no need to spend hours of kissing and struggle unbuttoning her pants or her bra. Before you know it, she is wearing those NBA style pants and shirt that just rip off automatically and she’s already naked begging for your man member.

6. You don’t have to work too hard for it.
Everyone knows those girls that you can try all night and they won’t budge no matter how much alcohol they have consumed. Sl*ts can be completely sober and just give you a quick eye fuck to know that yes, indeed you are coming home with me tonight.

5. It only takes one good comment to take her home.
Most girls you have to talk to all night, making them feel special and give various compliments throughout the night. If you have a solid one line, use it on a slut and chances are she will be wobbling to your house in her heels later. Something like, “Between me and you, I think you’re the cutest girl in here.” All they need is a little attention and they are sold.

4. Nobody will find out
Sl*ts aren’t the type of girls who run around and tell all of their friends who they slept with because it makes them look bad. Sluts are great because it’s like a don’t ask don’t tell policy. Plus, it benefits you especially if it’s one of your ex-girlfriends friends.

3. She most likely won’t remember it even happened
Sl*ts have a common theme of getting blacking out and getting to drunk to remember that they even did anything. Use that excuse all you want, but I’m not buying it. Still cool though, no attachments.

2. It’s easier to get them to do all sorts of crazy shit
When you settle down with a good girl, you have to go through all of the motions in order to get into her pants. When dealing with a sl*t, she is open to many things running through your imagination such as a three some or role playing….most likely whatever your into, she is down to give it a go.

1. They want to get laid as much as you do
Guys are always portrayed as thinking about sex all the time (somewhat true), but when you find a great slut who shares similar thoughts, it’s like waking up on Christmas morning but instead of presents, its her already naked on your bed.

So to all of you sts out there, keep on keeping on. Stay classy San Diego.

Kody C, Temple University


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