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Kate Upton in Slow Motion. Keepin' it Sexy as hell on the runway.

by The Mansion | comments

Yes - This happened!

Now, I’m pretty sure by now that everyone knows who Kate Upton is. Known for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover and her infamous cat daddy dance caught in slow motion by many lucky cameras, she is a twenty-year-old model with cans that just won’t quit. One may ask, how can a girl be this hot? Well…..maybe she might not be human after all. No one girl is built so naturally gifted in the sweater meats region to be considered human. Enough of this rambling…check out this slow motion video. You’re welcome…some things in life you just have to cherish and this my friends is one of them.

Not so sure how those things stay in there, but I wish they didn’t.

Kody C, Temple University


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