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by College Mansion | comments

“I don’t normally do this!” - Enjoy amigos!

Fellas, we all love going out and returning with a lovely lady for the night. But everyone has to be careful on the types of girls that you bring home. The ever so popular, “I don’t normally do this” girl is always likely to have been saying the same thing the night before in some others dudes bed, wise up bro! You have the girl who gets back and strikes you with the line, “I’m not going to do anything” while she is sitting in your bed… naked. You have to find the perfect mix of party and sweetheart. Everyone is looking for a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. So when you go out take into account the amount of alcohol you have consumed, probably an unsafe amount to be looking for girlfriend material. You don’t want to wake up and have to scramble out of the bed because that thing lying next to you startled you a little bit. Be prepared for the night, if you’re going to bring home the girl who gets around, you better have some Trojans next to your bed, if you’re going to take home the tease, you better have your friend Jill ready for after (your right hand), and if you’re going to be looking for a girlfriend, stay away from the tequila!

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~Chad L. Canisius College


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