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Storming the Court, The most exhilarating of fan experiences

by College Mansion | comments

3… 2… 1… AHHHHH! College Basketball, unlike any other sport, provides fans with the unique and rare experience of celebrating with their team in euphoric fashion on the court. In honor of a recent buzzer beating win by D-1 Fairleigh Dickinson University and a regulation tying half court shot, then overtime thrilling win by D-3 FDU-Florham over rival Drew University (both in the same week!), here are the situations in which this moment of ecstasy can be carried onto the court.

1. Beat the top ranked team in the nation – Hell yes! Unless your school is also considered elite, you deserve the storm. David just beat Goliath!

2. Win a game in which your team has an almost non-existent chance of winning – Deservingly, yes! If your team is from a much weaker conference or if the game is supposed to be a glorified scrimmage, yet you somehow shock the giant, bask in your glory!

3. Defeat an undefeated team late in the season – Spoiler alert! Whether your team is headed to the playoffs or not, playing the role of spoiler to an undefeated team late in February is always storm worthy! Shut it down!

4. Clinch a conference championship – hard work finally paying off is worthy of a fitting celebration! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with thousands of your closest friends on the court at the same time!

5. Rivalry game where bragging rights are on the line – Kick them when their down! It’s a rivalry for a reason right? Fuel the fire! Storm your court, their court, the playground, wherever you play a rivalry game.

6. Win a game on the most impossible shot of a lifetime – Absolutely! Any full court, off balance, behind your back, hook shot combo that will never be made again in life if you tried is worth a good storming.

DON’T just be that school that storms the court when the two teams are competitive and it turns out to be an exciting finish; that looks stupid. Also, if your team has a tradition of winning over the years, your fans should NEVER storm the court; act like you expect to win. This moment is reserved for the underdog! Years of disappointment, embarrassment, and losing are the dues paid for this unbridled joy that spills onto the court of competition. Don’t demean the moment for schools that deserve it, follow the rules. Preserve its sacred euphoria so that one day, you too can share in the excitement that is Storming the Court!

FDU Buzzer Beating win:

FDU-Florham Overtime Storming video (courtesy of fan Brandan Adams):

Andrew S., Fairleigh Dickinson University


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