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Minka Kelly Sex Tape

by CM | comments

Many actresses have had leaked sex tapes. Lots of times, it boosts their careers. But for Minka Kelly, who has already been named Esquires sexiest woman in 2010, and has a new film coming out, this is just a disaster. But lets be serious, everyone has been crossing their fingers for this tape. The celeb sex tapes out now and in the last ten years are super lame, like the d list stars, like Kim Kardashian, Kendra, Pamela Anderson, Tila Tequila. No one cares about these lame-o’s, sure people are gonna watch their videos, but no one ever really enjoys them. I have a feeling people are gonna enjoy Minka’s sex tape. But she might have been underage at the time of filming, so I guess at this point all we can do is hope that the video get leaked, and Minka gets a buttload of money when she sues everybody involved.


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