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The Battles between Roommates, From Friend to Foe!

by College Mansion | comments

If you can sit right here and say that you have the perfect roommate and never have any bickering battles, you’re a liar. Heck, if you cannot admit to it, then you are probably THE sneaky brown noser with the hidden agenda out of the two of you!

You always hear about the psycho-roommate (female; hence psycho) who wants to know where you are at all times, and how you have to be back by a certain time at night because they have a bed time…… orrrrrrrr the girl referred to as “Fern” wants to slit your throat because you are eating chicken at 8 o’clock at night. My friend Michelle told me a story of how her freshman year she was chased down the halls of the dorm solely because she was eating chicken. Let’s just put it out there, she pulled the wrong end of the wishbone. Michelle, loves chicken, why? I don’t know, it might be a fetish… But her roommate wasn’t having it.
Sometimes with guys it may just be just addressed with simple punch. Get the hint doucher, get off my back I need to get shit done, I don’t want to be a hooligan in the streets of Newark tonight, bro.

Some people deal with slobs, where there clothes are all over the place, and the place starts smelling like sweat, B.O., and mold. It gets to a point that you have got to stop spraying a half dozen bottles of Lysol per month before you start suffocating from real life shit. But what’s worse than someone’s clothes smelling like B.O. would be a roommate that doesn’t shower. On top of that, they wear all Star Wars clothing and weighs a steady 250 at minimum, call them Jabba the Hutt.

Living with people is never easy, just live by yourself people. Then again living without people may be worse. So pick your poison when deciding who to live with, forget who is cool and you can get drunk with, it may create good stories for the future, but look for someone that is on the same level of respect as you. If you want to be chased down a hall with a clever by all means, choose one of your girlfriends. If you want to chill with you mall buddy and buy fresh fitteds and D.Rose sneakers all the time, you’ll eventually find he has no where to put them all and shit will be everywhere.

Drew R, Seton Hall University