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Fraternity gets kicked off campus and still runs shit

by The Mansion | comments

Beta Theta Pi gets kicked off campus & still Killin’ It

A fraternity provides you with the most unique and best experience any organization out there could ever offer. You build friendships that last a lifetime while creating some of the best most outrageous memories that you’ll never forget. It takes the college experience to a whole another level. Now, what if you actually partake in this experience and then its taken away from you?

Well, that happened to the Beta Theta Pi chapter of West Chester University. Partying too hard and too much was partially the case. A bitch ass president was the other. Their President at the time didn’t approve of such behavior which left him with only 2 or 3 brothers that actually liked him so he barely fought to keep their chapter alive. Yes, they may have violated a few of their social probation charges but taking away their brotherhood is too much. Especially when the consequences didn’t justify the situation. At first, it may seem like your college experience is just going to suck from there on but try thinking of it as a positive. Your brothers will still be there, you don’t have to partake in any philanthropy bullshit, no dues, you can finally get kegs for parties, and all that good stuff. Make the best out of the situation. That’s exactly what the Beta Theta Pi at WCU did. It brought them closer more than ever.

Unlike most fraternities, their nationals didn’t own their frat house so they got to keep it which is BIG. Frat house with no rules? Yea, imagine how wild that gets. One flaw though, no pledges to clean up but fuck it. Brothers cooperated to keep the good times going and wilder than ever before. Kegs on kegs on kegs. Babes on babes on babes. It was like their chapter was never kicked off and they kept running shit. The hottest sororities kept wanting to mix with them, more than the active fraternities and they always threw down the biggest parties on campus with the hottest girls WCU had to offer. They cut out all the dweebs and unified with other cool dudes to make their group even stronger. You can’t ask for a better crew where everyone brings something to the table, gets bitches, and knows how to have a good time. Now, thats how you make a shitty situation like that into a good one. If your fraternity ever happens to get kicked off campus, take a look at the bright side. By making the most out of it, your college experience could just get even better than before.

Party on motherf*ckas.

Frank C, West Chester University


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