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FINALS - F Me, I Never Actually Learned this Shit.

by College Mansion | comments

Finals suck. 99% of the time they’re not only pointless, but they’re a nice dent in our what’s left of a somewhat-decent grade that we worked so hard for over the course of the semester. I see kids stressing out on campus over their finals the last two weeks of school to the point where they’re pulling all-nighters and bringing a box of tissues to the library. That’s no way a semester should end. I respect how important finals can be and all, and I don’t know about everyone else, but I always make it a point to keep calm and go with the flow during finals week. Maybe it’s just because I give less of a shit than anyone else does because my grades are pretty decent to begin with, but in my years of living I’ve come to realize three very important things when taking finals:

1) Don’t study something you already know.

An old teacher of mine back in high school used to laugh at us when he found out how long we studied for his tests. He would always ask why it took so long and we would tell him it was because of the bullshit amount of info we had to study. You can save a shit ton of time studying if you don’t study what you already know. What would be the point of restudying or rereading? I mean, it’s great to review and all, but if you’re rereading chapters and doing practice problems for topics you already know well enough to answer without having to consult Google, chances are you already know it well enough to know it on the exam. Save yourself that time to study for other classes’ material.

2) Beg for a review sheet.

There’s nothing in this world that should be more illegal than when a professor doesn’t provide a final exam review sheet. If the professor is too big of a jackass to give you a run-down of what type of questions will be asked (multiple choice, fill in the blank, etc.), at least meet with him after class to have him or her go over key concepts so that you’re not spending countless hours with you nose buried in a finance book that looks like it’s written in a different language. The rules vary depending on different academic departments of different schools, but if the professor hasn’t provided a review sheet, beg for one and explain how it helps you because you are a “visual learner.” Say what you need to say to make it sound sweet and do whatever it takes to get that review sheet. It’ll undoubtedly save your ass in the end.

3) Take a break every once in a while.

I watched this movie once in high school that was supposed to teach me “how to get better grades in high school.” I guess my mom was trying to make a point to me, but come to think about it, the shit the guy said did make a lot of sense. One thing I particularly remembered him explaining was how the human brain remembers more information in short bursts rather than long sessions. In other words, if you break up your studying into a bunch of short chunks, it’ll keep you from going insane and can actually help you remember more. That’s because the brain remembers the processing of the “beginnings” and “ends” of information most. There will be more of these “beginnings” and “ends” if you break up your studying into shorter chunks. So, take five minutes after every chapter of studying to go check out which College Mansion hotties are popping up in your Facebook News Feed and decide which one should be the beautiful Miss Mansion 2013.

It’s totally up to whoever reads this to decide what’s best for them, but I can honestly say that these three guidelines have never failed me, and I am yet to have a mental breakdown during finals week. My final exam grades certainly aren’t always stellar, but these three tips are enough to keep my sanity in check and get me through what every college student has come to know as “hell week.”

Brian M, Quinnipiac University


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