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Finals ar over, remember these 5 things for next time

by College Mansion | comments

5 Things To Know About Finals Week

In all of my years here at school, I wish someone had told me these few things to get by and do well during my last week of classes.

1. Think Positively - Going into a test thinking that you are going to fail, or do just not a good idea at all. Having a positive attitude about whatever you are doing will ensure a better success.

2. Make Lists - I don’t care if you use a white board, sticky notes, a sheet of notebook paper, your walls, or even your right arm. Make lists. Ensure you know exactly when everything is due and order your work so that you have sufficient time to get everything done.

3. Sleep - A lot of people pull a couple all-nighters during Finals Week. Some people are not capable of doing this without passing out at 8am and missing their final at 10am. Ignore the hot girl texting you and pick up your book during the day. If you are awake at 9am and go to bed at 11pm, that leaves a lot of time for studying. Playing xbox all day until midnight when you decide to start your work does not help anyone. You have all break to do that.

4. Don’t Party - Yes. I said it, do not party anytime during finals week until you have completed all your work.

5. Celebrate - The MINUTE you get out of your last final, celebrate. By this I mean walk to the closest deli or gas station and grab the first 30 rack you can find. Go back to your house and let the games begin. After a semester of hard work, you deserve it. After you have no more stress on your shoulders, there is nothing better than sitting back with your closest friends before you go home and enjoying a nice brew.

Mike H, SUNY Oswego