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Campus Nation

Campus Nation. The Ultimate College Job

by editor | comments

Campus Nation is the most elite on-campus brand ambassador program that works with Students and Universities in the country.
 If you are a socially plugged in influencer on your campus, a leader amongst your peers, know the best styles, music and events, then you are perfect for Campus Nation.

At Campus Nation you will have the opportunity to work hand in hand with the nation’s coolest brands in the most forward thinking, engaging environment. Not only will you get laced up with free products, you will be able to gain the most relevant work experience in the marketing arena! Imagine rubbing elbows with Marketing Director’s and owners of America’s top brands, and even getting a letter of recommendation because you earned it, now put that on your resume and see who gets a better job when they graduate, you or the millions of students you are up against. An insane career builder with the real experience you can’t get in the classroom, and best of all…you work on your own time at your own pace. This definitely isn’t a typical 9-5, this is your lifestyle job! Sign up for Campus Nation