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Missy C.

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Year of Graduation: 
A little bit about myself: 
I'm a bit shy until you get to know me....then you better watch out!! Currently working full-time as a nurse and going back to school full-time to finish my degree.
My Dream Job: 
Saving the life at a time
Zodiac Sign: 
My perfect date: 
I'm happiest when at the beach...just add wine and great conversation, and this little lady is happy.
Most embarrassing moment: 
Too many to pick just one
Biggest Turn-On: 
Nice teeth
Turn Offs: 
Agressive people, and bad breath
Celebrity Crush: 
Channing ;-)
Favorite Music Artist: 
I love all music
My hottest outfit: 
anything I wear -)
One thing I'd bring to a desert island: 
Chapstick...can't seem to live without it
My best friend would describe me as: 
Nerdy, down to earth, always smiling -)
If my life was a movie, the title would be?: 
Wild, Crazy nights!!
If I won the lottery: 
I Would Pay Off My Student Loans : )
Obsessed With: 
Anything pink that sparles <3
Best Shoes: 
Three Things: 
Take Care Of Your Teeth,Never Cheat; You Will Be Caught,Treat Your Lady With Respect
This is why I'm hot: 
God made me this way ;-)