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Jane M.

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Year of Graduation: 
A little bit about myself: 
My name is Jane, people don't usually just call me Jane. They somehow always put "geezus kreist" in front of my name a lot...and usually they say it in an over exaggerated tone (I prefer to call it that than call it annoyed). I don't have a middle name, don't think there was anything between "shut" and "up" when I was growing up. I don't make the same mistakes twice...I make them about 5 - 6 times...just to be sure. I don't have a weird sense of humor...AT ALL. ;) Indonesian native, born and raised. When it comes to living, I'm a left laner; my bad decisions made me who I am, my good ones put me where I am today. OR vice versa...I guess it depends if my glass is half full or half empty ;). I love riding my motorcycle, I will never be too old for it. I never want to be too old for anything. Two crucial facts about me though: I'm better than you at Tetris and I'm always gonna be too sexy for showers on Sundays.
My Dream Job: 
Crime Scene Investigator (too much TV)
Zodiac Sign: 
My perfect date: 
it doesn't matter what we do or where we are laughing and time is flying, THAT is a perfect date.
Most embarrassing moment: 
there's no such thing as an embarrassing moment. They're all just memorable moments.
Biggest Turn-On: 
sense of humor
Turn Offs: 
uptightness & cockiness.
Celebrity Crush: 
Josh duhamel
Favorite Music Artist: 
This question is not even fair.
My hottest outfit: 
Superman shirt & my racing jacket
Best pick-up line: 
"Hi, my name is Jane"
One thing I'd bring to a desert island: 
A gun with 5 bullets in it.
My best friend would describe me as: 
his best friend.
If my life was a movie, the title would be?: 
My life would be more like a reality TV show than a movie. The kind that you make fun of but then you're jealous because there's never a dull moment in it.
One thing I'd like to ask Siri on the iPhone: 
Siri, are my kids going to have rich parents?
Favorite Campus Hotspot: 
outside of campus. duh.
If I won the lottery: 
it would probably only for $2. anything more...I'd probably have a heart attack.
Obsessed With: 
Exotic pets
This is why I'm hot: 
I'm Jane Savina? :-D