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Krystal G.

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Year of Graduation: 
A little bit about myself: 
I have an obsession with online shopping and love fashion. I am a professional dancer and a student at Widener University majoring in Communications.
My Dream Job: 
TV Host
Zodiac Sign: 
My perfect date: 
Going to dinner with someone who can hold a conversation and is attractive, i love a guy who can make me laugh!
Most embarrassing moment: 
when i got pulled over for not having my lights on!
Biggest Turn-On: 
hot body (Abs)
Celebrity Crush: 
channing Tatum
Favorite Music Artist: 
My hottest outfit: 
my pink dress that plunges in the front
Best pick-up line: 
do your legs hurt from running, becaue you've been running through my dreams all night?
One thing I'd bring to a desert island: 
i would bring my dog!
My best friend would describe me as: 
Down-to-earth and lives life to the fullest!
If my life was a movie, the title would be?: 
live, laugh, love
One thing I'd like to ask Siri on the iPhone: 
tell me a joke!
Favorite Campus Hotspot: 
maggie Mays
If I won the lottery: 
i would help animals!
Obsessed With: 
my dog!!
Best Shoes: