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Hannah S.

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Year of Graduation: 
A little bit about myself: 
I am very outgoing, friendly and confident! I love working with infants and children, being involved in fundraisers for good causes and love running the show from behind the camera and in front of the camera!
My Dream Job: 
To be a TV entertainment host
My perfect date: 
Flowers, dinner and being romanced
Most embarrassing moment: 
Being pantsed at summer camp in front of a bunch of boys
Biggest Turn-On: 
Smart, Tall and good TEETH!
Celebrity Crush: 
Ashton Kutcher
Favorite Music Artist: 
The Fray
My hottest outfit: 
White skinny jeans, a colored tube top and heels
Best pick-up line: 
Do you know how much a polar bear weighs? (No) Enough to break the ice. Hi, my name is___
One thing I'd bring to a desert island: 
My cell phone so would have my music and be connected to the world
My best friend would describe me as: 
Vivacious, loyal, organized, fun, a perfectionist
If my life was a movie, the title would be?: 
There already is one! "Hannah and her sisters" (:
One thing I'd like to ask Siri on the iPhone: 
What do you look like!
Favorite Campus Hotspot: