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Christine O.

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Year of Graduation: 
A little bit about myself: 
Im 21 From south philly :)
My Dream Job: 
Victoria Secret model
My perfect date: 
Getting all dressed up, going to a nice Italian restaurant, eating a nice desert then going back home, cuddling and watching a movie !
Biggest Turn-On: 
TATTOOS ! A good smile & awesome personality
Celebrity Crush: 
Bradly Cooper of course !
Favorite Music Artist: 
The Fray & Drake
My hottest outfit: 
Black dress and heels
My best friend would describe me as: 
My best friend would probably say, Im very fun to be around, im always the one my friends or family go to for advice, even though I seem to not be able to listen to my own advice.
Favorite Campus Hotspot: 
Top Dog
Best Shoes: