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Johnny Football's Arm Candy

by College Mansion | comments

Shocker! Another Heisman quarterback winner that has a dimepiece of a girlfriend. Sarah Savage was caught posing for photos with Johnny Manziel and his Heisman trophy and by god does she look good! Johnny Football has it made, first an outstanding freshman year, a Heisman trophy, and then he gets to go home to this chick. This girl is wife material and as long as Johnny Football doesn’t fuck up his career in the next few years and continues to put up Heisman numbers like his did this previous year, she’s going to stay right there with him along the way. Kinda makes you wish you could go back to the beginning of time and start all over as you sit here and say Where The Fuck Did I Go Wrong in Life!

Well Congrats to Johnny on his Heisman award because that was one hell of a performance this year and we all look forward to another one next year, and CONGRATS on landing this smoke bomb! Keep her around for a long time!

sarah savage college mansion

For more images of this chick go check out her Instagram: @SarahSavage13

Mike I, Fairfield University


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