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Wentworth Miller - Gay, Fat, Both? Which is worse?

by College Mansion | comments

Actor and model, Wentworth Miller, has been the obsession of many girls since his leading role as Michael Scofield in Prison Break. He has a perfect mix of multiracial origins that he makes work! He pulls of that sexy, bad boy look so well, you can’t help but to want him. Bad has never looked so good! Oddly enough, he is almost never seen with a girlfriend. How does such a sexy guy never have girls around? At the same time, this has given every girl the hopes that she can fill that spot for him. Then rumors broke that Wentworth Miller is gay! Why, why, why do the hottest ones end up being gay? First, Matt Bomer, now Wentworth Miller? Luckily, there is still hope, because there has been no confirmation to the truth of this rumor. So we have all kept hope that it just the tabloids doing what they do best.. Lying!

But, at this point I think we would rather him be gay. Who knows exactly what happened since Prison Break came to an end in 2009, but Wentworth put on the pounds. Okay, he did more than gain a little weight, he looks like a completely different person! How is the possible? I, along with every other female fan of his, am heartbroken. Wentworth, why are you doing this to us?! I want to wake up tomorrow and realize it was just a dream, and you are just as sexy as you were in Prison Break. Please, cut your hair, exercise, do whatever it takes, get back to your sexy, Michael Scofield look!

Cheryl Y., Bloomsburg University


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