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What is College Mansion?

College Mansion is college students’ source for Entertainment, College Girls, Style, Sports, Epic Parties & all the crazy stories in between. College Mansion, created by students for students, in partnership with the largest colleges and universities. College Mansion covers the college experience, where you will discover something cool, sexy, funny and entertaining both on-line and on-campus.

Who founded College Mansion?

College Mansion was founded by 2 college roommates who lived off Ramen noodles and leftover pizza, just like every other broke college student. They saw a demand for a brand that the students could experience outside of the classroom. A bunch of Natty Light later, College Mansion was created.

I want to become a Campus Manager for my campus. How do I get started?

College Mansion’s Campus Manager program will participate on premise, at every US school. If interested in interviewing for your school, get started and apply for Campus Nation here.

I want to be a writer for College Mansion! What should I do?

So we don’t know if you’ve noticed, but here at College Mansion we’re a little bit obsessed with the internet. We write and read a lot of blogs. From the really big named blogs to the ones you wouldn’t call home about. We read about music, sports, style, celebrities, college and real life ish…You get the idea. But the point is that as bloggers, we can really appreciate a good blog.

Here’s the deal. We have a crew of of talented writers that contribute from colleges and universities across the country. When it comes to the college perspective, we’re looking for fresh content from creative writers that can really bring it! Want to get published or be a part of College Mansion as a staff writer? We keep a close eye out on new talent and appreciate a solid read. So, if you think you have what it takes, hit us up at Who knows, maybe your jersey will hang in the College Mansion rafters one day.

I can't play the videos on your site!

You should be running at least Flash 9 on your computer.

What are "tags"?

Tags are words describing the contents of articles, pictures and videos. They help you find stuff around a theme, like Facebook or Campus. Use it to search for people, sort through articles, find content that is specific to what you're looking for.

What kinds of jobs and internships do you have open?

Every semester we bring on Editorial, Production, and Marketing Interns. Visit Join the Team for details about how to apply and a listing of all available positions.

I submitted a picture, video, or article. What happens next?

We review every piece of content that gets submitted. If we like it, it will be featured on the site and will also appear in your user profile. If we don't think it's right for College Mansion, it will be deleted.

If I upload a video, picture, or article that I've made, do you own it?

We maintain the right to distribute your material via the CM and auxiliary methods that websites use nowadays (like mobile devices), but we don't own it forever, and we won't do something like put it on a DVD or in a book without your permission.

I have a question that wasn't answered here. Where should I send it?

or submit your question via our online contact form.