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Its a Thrift Store party!

But Shit it was 99 Cents!

Real Life Walter White

Breaking Bad character actually exists!

Tom Cruise’s Next Wife?

Perezhilton reports that even though Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes just divorced last week, there is already talk of the actor finding a new wife — this time within the Church

Gumball guy

Anybody want some of my balls?

Snorting condoms!

Okay something is wrong with people, if a girl did this I could possibly understand why and maybe not look at it the wrong way.

Thats so true!

I do stupid things like this all the time to embarrass my friends everywhere we go! Just to make them feel awkward.


Just chilling with my girl texting away while I’m flipped up side down, nothing strange or weird about it.... NOT!

Song on Bath Salts

BroBible describes it best by saying “It's like Vanilla Ice and the chick from the 5th Element got pregnant, took bath salts for 9 months, then spit out a deformed, yet adorable