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Want to get away?

Five Excuses to Take a Road Trip in College

Awkward Moments - Do's and Don'ts of a one night stand

One aspect of college life that is often heavily glorified by everyone from the media, to music artists, to even students on campus, is “The one-night stand”.

Finals ar over, remember these 5 things for next time

5 Things To Know About Finals Week


HAHA-YO: adj. Describes something as funny but dead serious.

3 important holiday outfits every girl needs to have to stay sexy

A Chicks Guide to Holiday Must Haves

College Life Isn’t Real Life

A Mid-College Crisis Too Soon

What everyone should know about having the greatest SantaCon of all times

Tips to have the best holiday pub crawl

Campus Ragers Promote Reckless Sh*t

Take the shot. Another, and another, and yet another… Patron, Tequila, me and my mamicita.

Having sex in college

Everybody in college loves to have sex, this is a given, but you don’t have to act like a “nympho” to get it.

Party Tips For The Ill Equipped College Freshmen

Some people just aren’t born to live a wild and crazy lifestyle.