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Kanye West

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Dudes in skirts, the new hotness?

What did you guys think of Kanye's bold move to rock a leather skirt? Did it steal the show or who cares? Twitter was going nuts.

Kim and Kanye Rumored $20 Million Dollar Wedding Plans

Although Kim is still married to her stage-five-clinger-mid-life-crisis-rebound-husband, Kris Humphries, close friends of hers say she is only weeks away from announcing engagem

K Dash Gets MEME'd by Kanye

A new trend in the social media world is Memes. People find funny or relevant pictures, and post a caption on it.

Jay Z Interrupts Kanye

Too funny, best moment of the night. Its good to see Kanye West able to laugh it off after the “taylor swift” backlash.

Who’s the bigger Douche?

So who do you think is the bigger douche? Kris Humphries or Kanye West. This might just be a rhetorical question, because they’re both douchey as fuck.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s N*****s in Paris

Gwyneth Paltrow was with Beyonce and The Dream for Jay Z and Kanye West’s concert. Paltrow tweeted the “N” word and has received an overwhelming amount of backlash.

Car is Worth Than Your Life

Kanye West just celebrated his 35th birthday. His girlfriend of 3 months, Kim Kardashian bought him a $750,000 Lambourghini.

Kris Humphries is An Asshole

Kris Humphries may be the most hated man in NBA all because of his 70 day marriage to Kim Kardashian.