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The Battles between Roommates, From Friend to Foe!

If you can sit right here and say that you have the perfect roommate and never have any bickering battles, you’re a liar.

Old Man Strength

Landing Haymakers at 67 years old??

Is the Money team breaking up?

Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent Beef on Twitter continues.

Why u liked the pic of that bitch?

We all feel this way but only some actually react to it like this.

#DRAKE -- I did not beat up Chris Brown

Trending topic of the week. I refuse to believe that happened but I guess karma does come back to you. Chris beat up Rihanna and he got beat up by Drake.

Little League Dads At Their Finest

Pretty standard right? A 12 year old Little League all-star game is basically the most serious of all sporting events ever, no? Sike.

Geek Bringing On The Tap Out

If you know what’s good for you, PLEASE watch this whole entire thing. I literally can’t even make commentary on it because it’s THAT great.