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Fast Facts

  • Company Developed: January 1, 2008
  • Company size: 150+ Campus Managers, 5,500+ Brand Ambassadors
  • Lifetime Unique Visitors: 3,445,152 (3.4 Million)
  • Lifetime Page Views: 183,167,956 (183 Million)
  • Market Product Distribution: 50 states, 113 countries

Known to millions as “The Home of College Entertainment”, has re-launched our online presence combining a fresh new look and improved functionality to create the ultimate user experience.

With over $200 billion in annual spending power, the college demographic commands attention and offers a lucrative opportunity for smart college marketers: long-term ROI.

Along with this spending comes a dramatic online presence showing that virtually all 18 to 30 year-olds are online – the highest percentage of any age group. Notably, the niche environment of undergraduate and graduate student’s accounts for 40% of the total pages viewed while 98% of the population has purchased a product or service online. This year’s college enrollment is the largest on record with overall spending exceeding $8 billion while discretionary spending power has grown 12%.

Being a part of this consumer group, appreciating the economic opportunities, management of College Mansion spent the first four-years engaged in business planning, system design, software development, and market research. The result of this undertaking was College Mansion LLC (the “Company”), a full service college entertainment, marketing, special events and promotions company that builds brand experience for consumers through co-ed media, fashion and nightlife programs. College Mansion’s function is to develop the relationship between enterprise business and the college market through a media driven vehicle and lifestyle experiences. Visitors will find something special, simple, fun and authentic every time they visit.

With the proven ability to redirect the attention of the college consumer, College Mansion improves brand recognition by providing unlimited visibility and usability for the college market.

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